VOTE YES ON MEASURE P to provide dedicated funding to move dangerous utility poles underground on key evacuation routes, reduce the risk of wildfires in Laguna Beach, and better prepare our community for natural disasters.

“Downed power lines have caused past fires in Laguna Beach and will cause future fires unless we act now. Measure P addresses fire risk and is vital to the safety of our entire community.” – Laguna Beach Police Chief, Laura Farinella and Laguna Beach Fire Chief, Mike Garcia.

Endorsed by Orange County Firefighters Association.

Extreme Fire Danger

The morass of above ground power lines and transformers present an imminent risk of catastrophic fire triggered by winds, other weather conditions, earthquakes, vehicle collisions or malfunctioning equipment. 

Over 90% of the City is in a very high fire severity zone as designated by CalFire and has a history of fires with the 1993 fire being the most devastating destroying 400 homes and thousands of acres of open space.

At least 6 fires over the last 10 years right her in Laguna have been caused by power lines and related utility equipment.

Other Safety Risks:

  • Blocked evacuation routes for schools, parks and residents due to downed poles on key evacuation routes such as Park Ave, Thalia, Bluebird, Glenneyre and Monterey Streets.

  • Restricted access for first responders blocked by downed poles and wires.

  • Challenges evacuating seniors and citizens with impaired mobility.

  • Traffic safety—58 vehicle collisions on Laguna Canyon Road alone since 2007 often closing the road for hours.


  • Reduces risk of catastrophic fire, loss of life and property damage.

  • Reduces risk of environmental damage to open space and vegetation.

  • Eliminates unsightly poles and lines improving views, beautifying the City and improving property values.

Measure P is needed to place dangerous utility wires underground. Your help is essential to passing Measure P for Laguna Beach.

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Photograph of Skyline neighborhood after 1993 Laguna Beach Fire

Photograph of Skyline neighborhood after 1993 Laguna Beach Fire