About Measure P

Yes on P to Remove Dangerous Overhead Power Lines Proven to Cause Fires

Utility poles and overhead electrical wires put Laguna residents at risk for wildfires - the single biggest threat to public safety in our city.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection investigation found that power lines caused 12 of last year's devastating fires that killed 18 people people, burned a combined 180,000qdres and destroyed 3,000 homes and other structures. Despite this loss of life and destruction, utility companies refuse to fund undergrounding costs - their solution is to shut power off during high winds!

Laguna Beach Considered "Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone"

25 years after the 1993 fire damaged of destroyed 441 homes homes in Laguna Beach causing $528 million in property loss, we remain extremely vulnerable to wildfires. The 200-acre Aliso fire in June of this year is the most recent reminder of this risk.

More than 90% of Laguna Beach is considered a "high fire severity zone" and we are one of he most vulnerable ciites in California for quickly-spreading wildfires. Extreme weather with higher temperatures and recurring droughts is the new normal, further increasing fire risk.

Downed Power Lines Can Block Emergency Evacuation Routes

In a major earthquake, power lines can fall, block rods and create a serious hazard for residents. A Downed power line of utility pole on Laguna Canyon Rd. could leave residents and emergency responders without access to the major road in and out of community at critical time when every second will count.

A Comon-sense Local Solution to Protect Laguna

Supported by our Fire and Police Chiefs, Measure P is a locally-controlled funding measure to reduce the risk of wildfires and implement other fire safety measures vital to our community. If approved by Laguna voters, Measure P will provide dedicated funding to:

  • Move dangerous utility poles and electrical wires underground along Laguna Canyon Rd, PCH and other key evacuation routes to make them accessible in case of emergency

  • Implement additional fire safety measure

  • improve 9-1-1 emergency response times

  • Make Laguna Beach safer in emergencies and prepared for natural disasters

Local Control and Strict Fiscal Resonsibility

It costs the City millions of dollars annually to provide services to the more than 6 millio visitors who come to our city each year. Measure P is a smart way to fund fire safety because it will require visitors to pay to pay their fair share to help protect residents, our homes and businesses.

By law, all Measure P funds must be spent on utility undergrounding and fire safety measures. Every penny is required to remain in the City of Laguna beach and cannot be taken by Sacramento. Groceries and prescription medication are exempt from Measure P.

Join emergency responders and community leaders - Vote YES on Measure P to protect Laguna!